Wednesday, September 16, 2009

they call him the streak

Since he started school Jack has become a little too big-for-his-britches if you ask me. He prefers to spend most of his spare time running through the house in full streak, britches-less that is, taking pee breaks (a feat he has now mastered) at least 176 times a day, and being an overall busy body. I mean, this kid has gotten so adept at unlocking my phone, dialing people and having full-length conversations... I told Andy we should get it on film and send it in to Apple as a "The iPhone is so simple to operate, a toddler can use it." ad campaign. I had to get him his own celly just so he'd stop abusing mine!

I just love that he stows it in his elmo undies when he's done. He's such a powerhouse of awesomeness!

And, oh yeah... I finally got around to doing a little "big boy room update" for this guy. I know I had mentioned the whole Where The Wild Things Are idea a while back... but after realizing that wild things aren't necessarily conducive to sweet dreams (reading the book to him also signaled the beginning of the middle-of-night-screaming-bloody-murder fun times a few months back...)
So, I digress.....

I went cowboy.

Don't laugh too hard at these sad little window treatments. My bunting idea turned out to be more labor-intensive than I bargained for. But for now.... that'll do pig. I still plan on doing some cactus/tumbleweed/adobe/rail fence/ somethingorother in the other corner as soon as I get a spare minute. Here's hoping for spare minutes!


katie k said...

love that he puts his cell phone in his underpants like they're his pocket.

maven mama said...

AH! That'll do pig, made me almost wet myself! One of my favorite kid's movies! At Target, you can get (a realistic looking) toddler cellphone by Parents brand - and you can actually record little messages and stuff. I know this because we are already having a similar problem!

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