Thursday, September 17, 2009

rooms to inspire

It's obvious to me that Fall has indeed arrived because I'm starting to feel invigorated and inspired again! My long-parched well is once again bubbling over with fresh ideas. And when I first saw the beautiful rooms below over at Desire to Inspire... well, they made me giddy. So unique, so brilliant yet simple, like living in someone's imagination... Eccentric Victorian I would call it.
I love it.

images via desiretoinspire

My favorite things are: The cherry blossom wall mural in "Olive's" room. The deep purple wall and pink floor in the kitchen. The peacock feathers in a blue vase on the mantle, perfect. The hanging clothes displayed on the walls and inside of frames... Charmante!


drollgirl said...

oh wow!! these images are so beautiful and inspiring!!!!

maven mama said...

Eh, I think, given the time and materials, you could do better. But I do love the cherry tree mural, and especially the eggplant wall with emerald green Asian bureau and red roses! Drool!

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