Friday, October 2, 2009


Martha, Martha, Martha... Love her or hate her... one must admit... the lady knows her stuff. I was trying to wait until at least the first of October to post all of this goodness. The weather outside has me absolutely giddy! I mean, it's practically Autumnal! (I just LOVE that word. Autumnal. When I say it, I smell cider and camp fires and hear leaves crunching... Autumnal.)

I LOVE those little yarn pumpkins up there! I think that may be my first craft of the season...
And these vintage-y Halloween hangups are definitely on my list too. So cute.

I will also be doing the above pumpkin incense burner idea.

Now, as far as dressing up in costumes goes... I ALWAYS have grand plans, but they never seem to come to fruition for whatever reason. But this year... This year, I'm gonna make it happen! Andy and I already have a little something up our sleeves.... more to be disclosed at a later date. But, I digress... Feast your eyes on what Martha's got to say on the subject:

all images:

Care to disclose your costume plans?????


homemade grits said...

obsessed with the yarn pumpkins and i love the vintage hanging creatures. also, i love the toadstool pumpkins on the cover of the new living. also, i'm obsessed with seeing you and your gorgeous family more.

drollgirl said...

autumn is sure lovely! it is cooler here now, and i must say that i love it!

i also love that baby spider get up! fan-farking-tastic!

i have no halloween plans, but you are making me want to make some! :)

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