Wednesday, October 7, 2009

what a little Nie can do.

Today started like most do.
Hear the call of "Mammmmaaaaa!!!!". Pry my eyes open. Using sheer force of will, crawl out from the warm bed. Potty. Breakfast. Brush teeth. Make beds. Get an unwilling child dressed for school. Don hat, hoodie and flipflops. Out the door. Into the car.... Into traffic... Into another day in the life of me. And usually by the end, I'm ashamed to admit, I'm grouchy, unbathed, exhausted, touched out and turned off.

But today.

Today I saw Nienie on Oprah.

This was my first time seeing her "in real life" and I was blown away by her. Her spirit is so beautiful, it's palpable. I could see the warmth and love emanating from both her and her Mr. Nielson as I watched them talk about their story. Tears, tears, tears were flowing down my cheeks.

There was a segment where Oprah set up for one of her viewers to go and spend time with Stephanie in her home. This viewer, another down-in-the-dumps-stay-at-home-mom like myself, had written in to Oprah and expounded on why she "just can't handle being a stay at home mom anymore, and that Play dough makes her want to kill herself..." or something like that. Oprah sent her to the Nielson's house. ...And without going into the whole story, this chick definitely got a huge wake up call. Just seeing how genuinely happy and devoted and joyful and nurturing Nie is... and how, despite all the physical pain she is in, and despite the fact that she was once breathtakingly gorgeous and is now scarred, and despite the fact that she has every right to cry every day for the rest of her life, but doesn't... Well, let's just say, it was more than inspiring.The blessings in my life are too many to count. Everyday for me is an opportunity for growth and love and betterment. I get to spend my days in the environment of my choosing, with an angel boy whom I created, with a husband who is more than words to me and surrounded by people who only love and support me. Is that not enough? It's all I want and all I've ever wanted, and I'm determined to live it to the fullest. And tomorrow's a new day.

Thank you Nienie.

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Jennifer Perry said...

What a sweet blog. I was blown away by Nie's appearance on Oprah as well. Makes you think..that's for sure. Made me hug my little girl a little tighter and hold her a little longer...

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