Monday, August 10, 2009

trash-to-treasure: chair update

I finally did it!!!!!
After many months of waiting for it's time to come.... this chair finally got a facelift this weekend! You may (or may not) remember that I rescued this little beaut from the side of the street back in October.
Here's a reminder of what it looked like then:
And here it is in all of it's newly painted, and reupholstered glory: I debated for a long time on what color to paint it; mustard yellow, robin's egg blue, celery green.... but after having a long talk with myself, I had to admit, it needed to be black. I'm happy with the outcome. FIN


maven mama said...

The chair looks great - kinda 20's/80's - I love it! I'm a trash hawk myself, and most of our furniture started its life with us as a rescued orphan

down and out chic said...

very nice! it looks very happy being black so good choice!

Dana said...

It looks fabulous!

The Cottage Cheese said...

Fantastic chair makeover! I love the faux bois fabric you paired with the black paint. Great design!

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