Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Potty time, excellent.

The ridiculous level of pride I have in Jack is becoming just that. Ridiculous. What is it about being a parent that makes us assume EVERYONE wants to know about our kids? I just can't help but brag on mine, even though I try to kept it under control... He's just SO freakin' awesome!
I have felt for some time now that I must be the LAST mother on the planet to have accomplished the task of potty-training. It's a sucky feeling when you think you aren't up to par. But the honest truth... I'm glad we waited til now. Jack has always seemed to just adjust to things, without a lot of pushing and prodding. And this potty thing has been no different. We decided to commence bright and early on Sunday, and it went pretty well... there was a total of 3 puddles on the floor and 1 in the pot. Monday was little better, with at least one big accident at the playground, but a redemption poopy-in-the-pot happened later that made up for it. But today!... Today, Jack woke, went immediately to the potty, did his business, and continued to go ALL day! Not one single accident, not one drop spilt! He probably made about 50 trips throughout the course of the day, all of them unprompted by me, and came out squealing with delight every time! Ahhhh.... the joy I feel. The burden lifted.

I told Andy that I'm so relieved to have tackled this beast and come out on the other side... I feel like I can handle anything! ...Perhaps even another one??? I think it's time.

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Jennifer Cummings Sewell said...

I am a proud aunt!!! I love him so much!!!! And I love his parents!!!

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