Friday, August 21, 2009

in the pink.

Geez! I really hate to just totally regurgitate something from someone else's blog... but these gorgeous rooms needed to be shared. I, like Kim also have a deep love of pink, but it sometimes a little bit daunting. These rooms are perfection! I'd die to have that kitchen below.
(Someone please convince my husband that it takes a REAL man to live in a pink house!)

images via Desire to Inspire



JenJen said...

Do you think it feasible to paint the green room pink for our Roaring Twenties party?

maven mama said...

I LOVE the second one - I could totally live there with my own Mr. Darcy! And I have to say that the 4th one (kitchen? craft room?) is divine! But it would have to be my private studio - my man would balk at all that PINK! The obvious answer: you need to have baby girls!!!! Now.

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