Wednesday, August 26, 2009

first day of school

Jack's first day of school was harsh to say the least. There were many tears on both sides. It was rough, man, I won't lie. After dropping him off I had to keep repeating mantras in my head to calm myself... "It's for his own good." " It'll put hair on his chest to cry a little." "Don't make a U-turn"... and so on.

Here's the pic I snapped of him on the way out.
You know... when he was still excited and happy. Yeah.

And here's the "Happy First Day of School" portrait he came home with:

Is that not enough to just break your little heart!? He looks like he's getting his mugshot. Poor guy! I seriously started laughing in the teacher's face when she handed this to me. Here's to hoping next week goes a little smoother.
(Your prayers and good wishes are welcomed.
This has proven to be harder than I thought.)


Beyond Blessed in GA said...

Poor guy, looks like he had a pretty rough time. Hope the next day is easier. If not, there's always next year!

maven mama said...

He looks SO pathetic! Even then, your post made me laugh. You are so funny - even in the face of heart-breaking adversity! ;) I know, for this mommy, that day will be excruciating, and I do not envy you. You can do it! XOXOX

Lori Walker Cummings said...

I laughed out loud at my desk...that is just a priceless picture. If I had one of Aaron I can tell you they would look like twins!!!!

It does get better.

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