Monday, August 31, 2009

farm weekend

This weekend was just what the doctor ordered! Warm hugs, breathtaking scenery, comfy beds, fresh air, old friends, non-stop fun... All of these thing were awaiting us down at the farmhouse. In an attempt to help fulfill one my dear Katie's goals (a bucket list of sorts; things she wants to accomplish before 30...) we ventured down to my families beloved homestead to go horseback riding. My fabulous sister-in-law Lori met us bright and early on Saturday, a breathtakingly perfect morning, and we headed out to our friend Dawn's stables...

Such a fun morning! Thank you so much Lori and Dawn for making it happen!!!

Later that evening, after washing away the horse smell, and nursing our sore bums, we ventured out and had a great time meeting up with some great old (and new) friends. Olivia and I have been besties since 6th grade and I don't get to see her anywhere near enough these days. Such a beauty! ...and someone who definitely knows how to show a couple "city gals" a good night!

I had so much fun showing Katie all of my old stomping grounds, as they say... and just taking it all in as much as possible before having to return to the ATL.

Y'all come back now, ya hear!


Mandi said...

LOVE your last picture! It needs to be framed and hung in Jack's room. He's got such a cool mom!

katie k said...

i love the blog. last time I looked at your blog you hadn't updated it much, but so much good stuff now! oh and I can't wait to try out those recipes. I made the jerk pasta b4 the baby came and it was DELISH. thanks!

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