Wednesday, September 9, 2009

J'aime du beurre!

I'm in that sad little place I so often find myself.... the blogging doldrums. I just haven't felt inspired to write anything new lately. Yes, I've had fleeting thoughts, and random funny experiences lately... But nothing I thought worth typing out. That's all about to change m'dears. I mean, what the heck's this blog for, if not a place to where I can bore the world wide web with my pointless rambling??? Right? Right. So in that spirit, I just want to elaborate a little on what's been forefront in my mind lately.
In a word. FOOD!

On Labor Day, I managed to FINALLY make it out to see Julie & Julia.

Loved it.
I mean, is there anyone better than Meryl? And while the movie itself was just precious... the main thing that stayed with me was all the food. Glorious FOOD! Ahhh.... the cooking scenes, the globs of butter, the smacking and slurping and oohing and aahing was almost too much for me. French cooking is one avenue I've not really travelled down... I need this to change. I mean, seriously. The only drawback is my persistently increasing girth. I told Andy my name should be legally changed to Girtha. It's becoming a serious issue, but I digress... I'm dreaming of hollandaise and butter and wine when I should be eating carrot sticks, chewing on bamboo or, dare I say it... excercising. (...SEE! I don't even know how to SPELL exercising.)

Pray for me friends. I love to eat. I love to drink. I love to be merry.
I DO NOT love treadmills.

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