Thursday, August 20, 2009

I seem to be a weirdo magnet.

Here's what happened...

I was at my local Kroger today, preparing to do a little shopping, like I do. As I was getting Jack out of the back, a man walked up, apparently trying to get into his vehicle which was parked next to mine. I was in his way as I had the door open and was fumbling with car seat belts, hence blocking his driver-side door.

I said, "Oh, I'm sorry." And started to move hurriedly.
The man, who by this time I had noticed was very elderly, replied in a very gruff voice, "That's aight, that's aight... you c'n git the child out..."

I smiled, and proceeded scooping Jack up and closing the door.

Abruptly, the man growled, "You need a new car, though." Bewildered, I inquired as to why, clearly not following...
and then he said, "It's a Japanese car! A Toyota."

"Well," I smiled back as I started edging away,
I really like it."

"I didn't ask you how you liked it..." He sneered. "Are you NOT aware that it was dem Japs that bombed us back at Pearl Harbor and killed thousands and thousands of Americans back in WWII!!??!?!"
(It was at this point that I noticed his "WWII Vet" cap and numerous pins and flags. eek.)

I tensely responded that, Yes, I was in fact aware of WWII.

"Then why'd you buy it?!"

"Well, I guess that was my decision." I said as I turned away.

"Well, it was a bad one!" He yelled after me.

I didn't turn around but responded with a "Have a NICE day!" and trucked on...

As I made it to the bank of carts in front of the store, I glanced back, only to see him STILL standing in the same spot, glaring at me. This was very unnerving to say the least. My first thought was that he must be doing some kind of vandalism to my precious Matrix. I got Jack strapped in, and kept giving furtive glances in his direction, until finally I saw him in his FORD, pulling out of his spot. Just as I was about to enter the store, I heard a loud 5 second car horn only to turn and see the man sitting at the stop sign in front of the passenger crossing. His window was down, and as he turned he glared at me and spit, that's right! SPIT on the ground! In a "I spit in your face" sorta way.

Stunned, I continued into the store. Unbelieving of what had just transpired.

Wow. Wow. Um..... Seriously? I ran over about a hundred things I wished I would have said to that poor old thing. None of them were Christian. It was a funny afternoon. I mean, I'm just a cute little mom with a cute little boy... you pick me to harass...? weird. weird.

What would you have said in my place? Have you ever been harassed for no apparent reason???

Tell me so I can laugh, instead of the alternative...


B said...

I probably would have bowed and said, "konichiwa" :) Then invited him over for rice and California rolls tee hee hee.

Kara said...

I might have said, "I'm sorry." and then I probably would have said my dad, the Air Force Col. doesn't like it either. Something like that.

I attract that kind of stuff too.

Whenever I'm on a plane, never fails that the person next to me will talk to me. Even if I have head phones in or if I'm reading a book.

maven mama said...

when I was in high school, some Newt Gingrich lookin' Alpharetta man GOT OUT OF HIS CAR, WALKED ACROSS A GAS STATION PARKING LOT, YELLING AT ME ALL THE TIME. I mean, he was red in the face and foaming at the mouth by the time he actually got to my car! Did I cut him off, or commit some other heinous act? No. I was innocently filling up my tank, and my (high school era, experimental phase) 'Darwin' fish bumper sticker had royally offended him. I can only guess either A)He personally knew Jesus and his mama, and was offended for the family's honor? B)Was a little shaky in his own faith.

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