Tuesday, August 18, 2009

for posterity...

Things that Jack is saying right now which deserve to be remembered for all time and are therefore blogworthy:

Dohniwa- Gorilla

Neehurt- Ribbit
(We have no idea)

(Which is actually what we call Andy's Dad because of the number of pictures he's
taken of Jack. Now shortened to just "Papa".)

Tahaas Boooztar- Thomas Bookstore
(AKA Barnes & Noble)

(As a side note: Jack also does a funny counting thing at the moment. He will not count from 1 to 5, but instead will start at 6 and count to 13 with perfect pronunciation. ??? )


Beyond Blessed in GA said...

What a cutie, is it just me or does he look exactly like Andy?


oooh he's such a darling!
Hope you get the chance to audio record them... Such gems!!


maven mama said...

we're still at the (well, JUST moving past it as of today) everything is a varying pronunciation of Da-Da stage. Strangely, I usually know what she means. I can't wait to see what Jack does next -- he is such a cutie!

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