Wednesday, July 22, 2009

in the cottage cheese

So in accordance with my healthier eating habits, I am trying to add snacks into my daily routine (so as not to go the route I usually do of getting so ravenously hungry by 4pm, that I devour anything in sight, including, at times Jack's exposed toes or ears. It's really more so a matter of child safety at this point. The snacking thing.) Anyway, my new favorite thing is this:

Rachel's Wickedly Delicious Cottage Cheese

I understand that some people may abhor cottage cheese. That's cool. I personally have only ever "been ok" with it, but have never been one to actually seek out the stuff. And I will say, that I definitely do NOT enjoy it with fruit. I'm a salty snacker to the core... and so when I ran across this at Harry's it seemed a little more up my alley. And, wow!... it's great! It has the same flavors as Greek tzatziki sauce.... and it's simply vunderbar! There are a whole range of unique flavors, from Pear and Mangosteen to Lemon Verbena and Berry. I picked up the Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto version... I'm a tad skeptical... We'll see.

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down and out chic said...

i don't know where to find this brand in athens, but i'm gonna search for it b/c this looks yummy! i'm w/you on cottage cheese and fruit being ick.

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