Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the sleepless child: an update

I am happy to report that Jack is now officially sleeping in his "big boy bed". That's right! As per the advice of a wise mommy-friend of mine, we decided to just go ahead and do the dang thang. We've been dealing with numerous night wakings, crying and all manner of sleep-issues for weeks now (I have the black bags, and the drinking problem to prove it.) So we figured... while we were at it, we'd just go ahead and seal our fate. Andy and I were very dubious at first... but to our surprise... It has gone marvelously!!! Jack is loving it. And the most awesome part is that he hasn't even attempted to crawl out. At all! Unbelievable. I just knew I'd be waking up in the night, scared shitless, with a tiny hand grasping at me from the side of my bed. Um, scary. But as of yet, there've been no issues.

...That is not to say, however that he doesn't wake up 2+ times a night calling for us and needing to be resettled. We're still workin' that out, but at least when we do... we won't have to worry about screwing it all up again by switching beds.

But ultimately, I have to admit, the most exciting part of this whole transition is that now I can do a little of that much-needed redecorating I've been itching for. I know I said I wanted to do a "Where The Wild Things Are" room, but in light of recent events- namely the fact that Jack has become afraid of the dark and now calls every shadow he sees a "nonster"- I've decided to save that theme for another time, and go with a simple, safe, ultra-boyish cowboy room. I've already done a little bit, but I want to wait to post pics. Stay tuned, y'all.

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