Saturday, June 6, 2009

nursery murals by moi

I've been on a nursery-painting-bender lately.
A couple weeks back it was my sweet little niece-to-be's room:
And yesterday it was my little buddy Isaac's room:

Isaac seemed to be pleased.

And the best part of all was that after a long day of work, I got to indulge in this:
That's right! Katie made the Reece's cake!!!! WOOT WOOT!
It was... well.... it was... too good for words. Simply put, it made me moan in unseemly ways. And as if that weren't enough... after our binge on cake and spinach dip (no joke) we got all "dolled up" and went out for a ladies night! Drinks, laughs, charades(???) and late night Taco Mac yum yums... Fun stuff.

Today, I am a zombie, and the extent of my contribution to the human race is posting this long ass blog. Hope you enjoyed!


Jennifer Perry said...

Love little Isaac's room! :-) Too cute! And Lexie feels extra special for getting a shout-out on her favorite auntie's blog! You are so talented Missy!!

drollgirl said...

you do such amazing work!!! i love it!

AND THAT CAKE!!! i cannot wait to make it. i cannot wait to EAT it!!! and i love spinach dip, too. ahhahahah! you are making me hongry!

hope your weekend is fab. :)

eitak said...

thank YOU sooooo are the bestest! glad you found that cake. isaac loves his room and thanks you with spit bubbles ;) loves!!

down and out chic said...

fantastic job... you are obviously one talented lady!!

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