Monday, May 4, 2009

what keeps me goin!

I have an unquenchable need to constantly redecorate. It drives Andy insane. Every time I walk through our living room, I get lost in thought. I mean, how many different ways can you arrange the same old furniture before you just run out of options? I'm constantly trying to slipcover, repaint, reupholster, reconfigure, rearrange... Finally, last night at dinner Andy interrupted one of my decorating-deep-thought moments, and asked me what was I thinking about so hard? I had been staring into that room (fork halfway to my mouth) going over it and over it.
"The truth," I told him, "is that I want an entirely new room. I want a new sofa, I want a new rug. I want another chair. I know I shouldn't but I want, I want, I want!" I think none of you would be too surprised at 1.} the look he gave me. 2.}the exasperated huff. 3.} his response: Keep dreamin!

Not that I was expecting him to gleefully shout that he'd been thinking the same thing! Why didn't I just say so earlier! Let's do it!

But, alas... He (and I) both know we cannot afford it right now.

So instead of pouting, I made a pillow!
Having cleaned out some of my cold weather clothes earlier in the afternoon, and sorting a pile to give away... I came across a cheap Target dress from about 2 years ago. I had a tear under one arm, but I liked the print so I had kept it in case I ever wanted to "do something" with it.
And I did. Last night. At 11 o'clock.

Creativity is all that keeps me from falling into some dark place.
(That, and wine. teehee)


Southern Aspirations said...

Just discovered your blog- very cute and fun!!

Anonymous said...

you are amazing...wanna paint a name on a wall?

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