Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Coming Soon!

I apologize for the blog-neglect that's been going on here lately. This past week has been all about playing the waiting-game. Waiting for a certain someone to make their world-wide premiere... My friend is due with her third child on Saturday, and the whole thing just has me on pins and needles. She has asked me to be present at the birth, and to be the official photographer... and I have to admit, I've been nervous all week. It'll be my first time witnessing a birth (not counting, of course, the birth of my own... but that was by cesarean and just a whole different experience entirely.) I've been going over and over it again in my head. Wondering just how it will all pan out. My hope is that I will be amazingly strong and supportive for my sweet friend, and build her up with prayer and love throughout the labor. I want to be a comfort to her, that impossibly wonderful friend-coach that we all would want by our side. My fear is that I will be constantly blubbering and weepy, possibly start sweating profusely, faint, and then have to be pushed out of the way into some corner where I'll be unconscious for the whole birth. Keep your fingers crossed for option number one.

...Ridiculousness aside, I am truly so glad to be a part of this miracle and so honored. My sweet friend will be amazing, and I can't wait to meet little Isaac or Sydney... (Did I mention, she doesn't know the sex? Exciting!) As I highly doubt I will manage to suppress my jitters long enough to post again this week... I will say so long, and ask that you all send some prayers and positive thoughts our way.

Next time: Pictures! (...and hopefully not of me drooling in a corner.... BABY pictures!)


Beyond Blessed in GA said...

Wow! We'll be praying for option # 1! What an honor to get to be there to take pictures! Baby Issac or Sydney, how exciting! Root her on for me!

Jennifer Perry said...

Yay Katie! I can't wait! :-) (And will be awesome!)

JenJen said...

It'll be okay.. I'll bring the pam

eitak said...

you are so sweet to me and your support means the world! you will do fine girl...i will take care of you ;)

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