Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Roy G. Biv

Today I needed a little color in my life... and whilst perusing random blogs I came across this amazing rainbow cake! Could you imagine anything more perfect for a kids birthday? ...an adult's birthday? ...a Tuesday? ...any day? You can go to Omnomicon and get the whole cake-making-how-to right here.

images: Omnomicon and HWTM

Me gotta have!


Jennifer Perry said...

That looks SOO yummy! If you make a rainbow cake...I am a'comin over!

JenJen said...

Hot Damn that looks good! I support you!

is this our desert for tomorrow night?

eitak said...

so when are you making this delightfulness?

maven mama said...

I am so feeling this for Emer's first birthday (yes, in six months...but still). Can you just see the photos of all those colors smeared in her hair? Love it.

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