Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some stuff we done did....

In all the years Andy and I have been together... we have never once had a successful camping trip together. I say 'successful' because we have indeed tried many times... but to no avail. There's always something that comes up... usually thunderstorms. This year was no different. We planned to hike and camp in the Cohutta wilderness area of North Georgia. As it turned out... hurricane Ike had his own plans too... and so we thought the trip was off. ...until... My fabulous bro in law Ric gave us the keys to his family's cabin in Elijay. The cabin has been in his family for generations, and until recently, had no electricity, running water or anything. They have worked hard, and turned it into quite the rustic little getaway! They call it Pognog and it was heaven! Thanks, Ricky!!!

I have to admit, I wasn't sad at all about not having to use an outhouse.We also saw our dream house on the way up.It was a little farm at the base of Springer Mountain. And even though Andy would have a 3 hour commute to Atlanta every day... I'm considering a move.

After we got to Pognog and settled in, we took about a 6 mile hike to the peak of Springer Mountain. It was loverly!

I like mushrooms...

I also like to act a fool.

After all that outdoorsiness... Andy put
his fire-building skill to work. He whittled us a pair of sticks, and we got down to some serious hot dog business.

Notice the toasting technique... nice.


It was relaxing, fun and only mildly scary. All the Friday the 13th movies kept playing in my head. ...and it didn't help that we were only miles from Camp Crystal Lake. (joke)

The next day we did more hiking and Andy communed with nature.

And was mauled by a bear...

Before we knew it it was time to go back to the real world. We had a blast though, and can't wait to weasel our way into another trip to Pognog.


Amanda said...

Okay, so I'll admit, I'm also a cyber stalker... After seeing your new blog, and also linking to Lesley's very fun blog, I am very inspired to start my own. We'll see when that happens. Anyway, when I was looking at your pics, it looked like you and Andy went up to Brasstown Bald. That's where Allen and I got engaged. Great memory up there! It looks like you all had fun. Hope you're doing well!

Christy Harrison said...

haha! cyber-stalking is the best! and yeah, we did go to Brasstown. it was so beautiful. (a perfect spot for an engagement!... Go Allen!)

hope you're doing well (as well:)!

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