Friday, September 26, 2008

straight crafty!

There is most definitely no doubt that I am a technologically challenged! I have been using the last hour, while Jack is napping to learn how to make a picture link to this blog. When I successfully created one, I literally squealed with delight. I embarrass myself.

I really want to be disciplined about writing daily. As many of you may already know... discipline is NOT my strong suit. In fact, if I had to say what my strong suit actually is... it would probably be procrastination. ...which I whole-heartedly attribute to being my father's daughter. My thought processes are really hard to follow sometimes... I mean, let's just say I really want to do a project or something. ...Like, maybe I have a blank canvas that I'm wanting to paint... The way it most often plays out... is that I get SO intimidated by all of the possibilities... that just looking at the blank canvas will make me sweat. What do i paint? How do I start? Where will I hang it? I know it won't turn out like i want it to! Should i just put it back in the closet for another time?.....
well, you get the picture. So i end up waiting, putting off and doing nothing. (This same theory also explains why I have yet to get me arse to a gym! ...Clean out the storage closet, wash my car, do the laundry, or make the bed.)

I digress...
I am, however, very motivated about sitting at this computer and typing like a doofus. And until I find my blogging niche, as it were, I ask you to stick with me and be patient. I have lots of ideas floating around... and i need to pin some down.

Here are some things I'm working on:

  • An informative craft of the day section.
  • Book and film reviews, discussions... etc.
  • Recipe ideas...
  • And general girlie talk.

As for today I wanted to show you a little something that I actually DID start (and finish)...

A fun fall wreath.

All you need to do this yourself is:
  • A styrofoam or straw wreath form
  • Scissors
  • Any yarn that strikes your fancy( I like using the multicolored cause it gives it more visual interest.)
  • A hot glue gun and sticks OR Aileen's craft glue (it works well.)
  • Nick-nacks to jazz it up like swatches of different fabric, buttons or even silk flowers, birds, feathers.... etc.
  • A length of ribbon, raffia, or twine to hang it with.
And last but not least, patience.

To make:
Wrap the yarn around the wreath form, securing with little dabs of glue as you go. Make sure you wrap tightly and keep it looking neat on both sides. This is where most of your time will be spent, so curl up and get comfy.

Next, gather whatever accoutrements you want to add. I took scraps of fabric and cut them into simple flower shapes of varying sizes. I placed a smaller on top of a larger and used a button and some thick thread to sew them together. Once your flower is done, use a dab of glue to attach it to the wreath. Continue adding as few or little as you like.
The possibilites are endless.

Using ribbon or twine... make a simple bow at the top of the wreath.
Hang it wherever you likey!

The inspiration for doing this came during my last trip to Savannah. At shopSCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) my eye immediately fell on an adorable wreath done by an arist named Katie Runnels. Too cute! Check out the store for yourself...

Hope you have fun getting crafty! (And, PS... I love to steal ideas, so feel free to share yours with me too!)

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Jennifer Sewell said...

I am completely inspired to make a fun fall wreath now! Your blog is working!
Keep it up!

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