Wednesday, February 16, 2011

just another wedensday.

Well, shucks. I really wanted to win this:


Have you ever seen anything so glorious? I love it. (Andy's comment was, "Oh. Is that cute? Or not cute?..." Men.)

Today is one of those rare days where I find myself able to actually sit here and muse a bit. There is no happier thing to me than a quiet house- well, at least these days. We got a puppy shortly after Christmas and her name is Fiona. And since the addition of one more to our little household, things around here have been a tad insane livelier than normal. Basically, Jack thinks she's his punching bag-light saber sparring- furry new toy, and I've had my nerves tested on every level.

Prayer, my friends. Lots of prayer.

Well, my break is over. Off to pickup the young one from school... Happy Wednesday!

1 comment:

teamBoo said...

i love your husbands comment! Wouldn't it be nice if Kitchenaide let you design your own just for being awesome??

Cute new dog! ours lasted about a year ;)

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