Sunday, July 25, 2010

jack attack.

I can't believe my youngun's about to be 4! WHAT? Craziness. And now that Summer is drawing to a close (thank the SBJ! Sweet Baby Jesus, that is.)... I actually have a moment to sit and write. And I'm blown away at how much Jack has changed and just how much time has flitted by.


I'm seriously ready to resurrect this zombie blog of mine. I've got to start documenting this life that seems to run through my fingers like water.

And so, for posterity's sake, here is a random sampling of hijinks and shenanigans from Young Master Jack's most recent exploits:

First day back to school! He was pumped!

His alter-ego, "Clean-Up Robot", who's directive is to make a huge mess and then cram it into whatever cranny he can find. (Note the robot claws; a tell-tale sign of the clean up robot.)

Laser eyes.

Just one of the aforementioned shenanigans.

Nakey and trying to preserve his modesty after his slacker-mom forgot to bring any dry clothes to put on after the pool. A bit trashy...
but pinchable, no?

I love him.
Especially his feet. and hair... and smell... and voice......
Ok, enough.
The end.


Claire Kiefer said...

Oh my goodness his face could not look any more like his father's in that car seat pic. HILARIOUS.

drollgirl said...


just adorable!!! and 4!!! i have a niece that is starting kindergarten, and it is hard to believe she is already 5. nuts!

Jennifer said...

Great to read, Awesome posting, thanx.

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