Thursday, May 20, 2010

movie night.

While Andy was out of town this week, I took advantage of the opportunity to get my "chick-flick" on! Well... I say chick-flick, but that's actually not true. They were just movies that I knew Andy wouldn't really be into. An Education was the first. I had been dying to see it since the Oscars and Carrie Mulligan's nomination for best actress. I think she is just the cutest thing. A little pixie. And I really did like the movie.... But it was definitely her poignant performance that made it worth watching.

The other movie was one that I had had on my list for over a year now...
Happy-Go-Lucky.This one was about a 30 year old school teacher named Poppy, living in London. She's a ray of sunshine, loud, colorful, incurable optimist who sees it as her goal to make everyone's life she touches brighter. So fun! This actress, Sally Hawkins won the Golden Globe for best actress for her performance. I loved it! And left it with the goal of trying harder to do this in my own life.
See it, for sure!

Seen any good one's lately???

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Claire Kiefer said...

that second movie looks so fun--sometimes there's nothing more relaxing than watching a light, happy movie. I don't do nearly enough of that!

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