Monday, May 24, 2010

the end.

Ok. I've been fighting back the urges all day... But I can't anymore.
I simply MUST blog about this:(Beware the spoiler!)
Andy and are die hard fans. Yes, the annoying kind. We get super serious when we watch it and then usually spend another 30 minutes after it's over debating and comparing our theories. I think we felt as if there would be NO way they'd be able to surprise us with a resolution that we'd not already thought of. That no matter what happened we would have seen it coming... But after watching last night's finale, I fully admit... they got me! Those sneaky sneaks. It never occurred to me that the sideways reality would turn out to in fact be "the purgatory" that so many people had thought The Island was. Brills. And without going into a 50-paragraph LOST-gushing tear-filled monologue, I will simply say that I really did think it ended well. It did right by me. It answered most of the questions... it wrapped up the loose ends, surprised me, justified my predictions, made me cry, made me cheer, and never compromised itself for the sake of "throwing in" a black and white explanation. That's the thing I think I loved most about this show- the smartness. It makes you think and reason things out for yourself. You can watch it and get something totally different out of it than someone else does. And I will be watching it all over again from the very beginning.... Oh, yes... someday. But for now, I'm in mourning that my most favorite show of all time has come to an end. A great end, but an end nonetheless.
Oh so bittersweet. Aloha, my friends...
(sniff sniff)


Bridget said...

totally bittersweet. but yes, i agree. i thought they did a great job.

Megan Marie said...

i LOVED when sawyer and juliet met up. and she asked him out for coffee. but he said he only had that one dollar. i have been waiting for her all season because i like sawyer best when he loved her. i think overall it was a good way to wrap it up. :)

The Cottage Cheese said...

I know, I miss it already. My husband and I are still trying to figure some things out - as you say, part of the brilliance of the show is that things are open to interpretation. And one thing I have to remind myself about is that the show is kind of sci-fi, so why should I believe that everything would be explained and perfectly wrapped up? I too am ready to re-watch the entire series. I think I'll pick up on more of the subtle things the second time around.

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