Thursday, April 29, 2010

your daily dose of cuteness.

Behold the adorableness in this chick's house!
Loving the new TV display...

Hovering Stacks

Light my World

Room for Olive

A Fun Little Corner

B  cause

1898 Eastern Hemisphere and Liberty of London
{all images: Trisha Brink's Photostream}

I think she crawled into my brain and read my thoughts. I love the kitchy-ness and the lived-in-edness and the fearlessness! It's what I woulda if I coulda.
SO cute!


Megan Marie said...

Man, I wish I was that good at putting things together! What a cute place!

drollgirl said...

very cute and bright and cheery!

Bridget said...


can i do it?!?

The Feathered Snail said...

hey! found you on little red afro's blog :)
i adore the way that place is decorated. i soo want to start decorating my place, i just don't know where to start.

The Cottage Cheese said...

So cute, very home-y and inviting. The homeowner has a great eye for putting everything together!

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