Monday, April 26, 2010

color me sick.

Being somewhat artsy, you'd think I'd be pretty adept at picking out interior paint colors. Yeah, not-so-much. I always go into it with the best intentions of picking out the subtle yet punchy enough color that looks exactly like what I see in my mind's eye... and I always end up with something very much NOT that. Take for instance... the bedroom incident.

For a very long time I've had an obsession with finding the perfect turquoise. Not a bright, vibrant turquoise, but an antique-y, dusty, regency sort of hue. When we first moved into this house I painted the bedroom in what I though was just that. Something to complement the white painted floors and give rustic charm. Hahaaa... turns out, I was more than a little bit off! Upon seeing it for the first time, Andy called it the Guatemalan hospital room. And it totally was.
(I am desperately searching for a photo, but I think I must have incinerated all evidence.)

But today I saw this pretty little cottage featured on House of Turquoise......and I said, "Now that's my color!"

I love it.
Reminds me of this...
So beautiful.

And Oh!
Oh, how I do wish I were in some Jane Austen-esque countryside manor house frolicking with my Mr. Darcy instead of where I am in actuality... the sick house.
Nursing a feverish baby whilst simultaneously coughing my ever loving lungs out.

Oh well.... That's why God invented the internet.

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drollgirl said...

Guatemalan hospital room?!?!?! that is so horribly cruel and rude! and it is making me laugh out loud!

i have the same problem in life -- being able to picture in your brain what is perfect, and then getting stuck with reality which is DECIDELY imperfect!!!

you know what would help? MR. DARCY! :)

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