Thursday, April 22, 2010

i heart earth!

Happy Earth Day!

Every little thing makes a difference. Recycling, planting, turning off lights and water... And the best part is that it's never too late to start! I'm a little ashamed to say that I wasn't recycling until about 2 years ago, but now I'm obsessive about it! It makes you feel good to know you're at least doing something!

God put us on this Earth and told us to be good stewards.

Love what you've been blessed with, live responsibly and pass it on to your children...

It'll make God smile!
Alex MacLean, Flower Fields, Carlsbad, California
(via Drollgirl)


drollgirl said...

happy belated earth day to you!

so glad you liked this photo as much as me. :)

and i am trying to be better to our poor little planet. not to sound all preachy (BUT HERE I GO): we all need to be! and it isn't that hard.

hope you have a fab weekend!

the southern hostess said...

Wise words! Thanks for sharing.

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