Thursday, March 18, 2010

...worth a thousand words.

I found a ton of pictures on my iPhone that Jack took. Really, they'll probably bore the pants off most of you, but being the proud mama that I am, I wanted to share. I just love the fact that he's already a budding photographer! ...just check out some of these compositions.

The boy's got an eye.

Right now his main inspirations are obviously floors and trains. But I will say, I was a bit uneasy when I found this one that he had snapped of me while I was, um... obviously asleep on the job.
I think he may be trying to compile evidence against me.... Uh-oh.
...and then again today. What gives?!

Ok, seriously... Put the phone down. DFACS doesn't need to be notified. I only appear to be sleeping in these. In actuality, I am fully aware of what's happening at all times. Swear.
I can't believe that little scamp's trying to rat me out to the Feds. I mean, you breast feed someone for 10 months; you think you know them... and then this! ?

Love it! He truly is the awesomest kid around, and I love that he's also super stealthy with a camera.



litte red afro said...

Such talent! Soon he can go on photo opp outtings together!


drollgirl said...

you are so cute! and photography is just so fun, and so much easier now with digital cameras!

hope you have a great weekend. :)

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