Friday, March 19, 2010


O Spring! Tomorrow it will be official, and I am already welcoming you with open arms!



Humming, buzzing life.

Beauty popping up all around.

This time of year makes Mama frisky...

Makes me wanna open all the windows
smell the narcissuses (or should that be 'narcissi'?)
walk barefoot in the dewy grass
eat fruity things
play outside 'til dark
plant stuff
do naughty things on park blankets
listen to bluegrass
and just overall ...rejoice!

It's the season of luurrve, my friends! And boy do I lurve this youngun! He climbed up on this rock, got all pose-y and told me to take his picture. Haaaahaa....
I think he may be onto the fact that I'm completely obsessed with him. Ya think?

Happy Friday!


drollgirl said...

the title of this post is THE BEST! and i love all the cheer in the air that spring brings. YAY! right on. we all need some fun and some cheer! :)

The Cottage Cheese said...

Adorable post! :)

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