Wednesday, March 24, 2010

on the market...

The OPEN HOUSE is Saturday, April 17th
From 1-3!
C'mon out!
Well, it's official, y'all. Our sweet cottage has been listed and is now for sale! If you or anyone you know may be interested, please direct any inquiries to me at

To see a house tour and get all of the listing information, simply click here!

More pictures will be added soon to the website,(like the kind that don't feature fire trucks and Lego blocks in the middle of the floor... Don't ask. I've apparently grown blind to the toy clutter...) So, anywho...
check back for updates!

Thanks, y'all!


drollgirl said...

GASP! your place is SO CUTE! i would love to live there! and it is affordable compared to the INSANE prices in los angeles! i wish i could buy it and move there. if only i had a job and/or a man out there! wah!

The Cottage Cheese said...

Christy, your house is adorable! I envy your white floors. I can't wait to see more pictures. If you don't mind, I'd love to include it in my next real estate sampler post.

Christy said...

You guys are so sweet:)
And, YES! I'd love to be featured in the real estate sampler on The Cottage Cheese! How fun.

Thanks for the support, homie!

eric @ my First Garage said...

Somebody is going to be very lucky, indeed. You might want to get a blurb book printed with the relevant house posts from your blog to share with the new owners. I'd love a gift like that!

blueeyedfreckle said...

such a cute house!!! And I love the post before with all those inspiring things. That 50's kitchen is sweet. love the tile backsplash.

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