Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i am woman, hear me roar!

Long time, no blog.
I've been busy basking in all of this beautiful weather perfection we've been having! Glorious! This past weekend me and some fellow Team Afro supporters trucked it on up to the wilderness for our first all-girl camp out. T'was a raucous time indeed. ...and just what the doctor ordered!

We came. We saw. We may have left a little stinky and wet and muddy... but we're basically total mountain-women-rock-stars! We fear nothing and no one. We laugh in the face of adversity. We build fires. Pitch tents. Sleep on freezing hard ground. Drink out of flasks. Dance to Thriller in the wee hours of the night. Taste moonshine (blech!) And make friends with people with names like "Rabbit" and "Zell". That's right...


Pure T. Awesome!

Thanks for a great weekend, Ladies!

Now can someone please come check me for dear ticks?

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