Friday, February 19, 2010

ear infunktion junktion.

Poor sick boo. He's got an ear infection and is just so pitiful. Literally has not let me out of his arm's reach ALL day... that makes for a very l o n g day, my friends. But now. Now, he is sleeping. All is quiet and calm. (Except for the sounds of me foraging for junk food in the kitchen cabinets...)

I need something to do. I'm goin' nuts upinhere.
Deciding to give up Facebook for Lent is one of the best/worst decisions I made this week. Best because I am sickeningly addicted to checking it on my phone at least 50 times a day; that had to stop. And worst because I am locked in a sick house with nothing to do and no connection to the outside world. I would even be more than happy to read Farmville updates; that's desperate.

If someone out there hears this distress call, please send chocolate, magazines, hard liquor... Johnny Depp.... an avatar of myself...and avatar of Johnny Depp... just something to take the edge off this cabin fever!!

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