Thursday, February 25, 2010

change is in the wind...

I'm beginning to get excited about moving and starting fresh in a new house. I get bored SO quickly with my decor and always wish I had a clean slate to start fresh on. Pretty soon, that'll be the case. My daily source of design inspiration is forever Desire to Inspire; where I ran across this:


There are so many design elements here that I have been adoring for a while now. Filed in my mind under "things I plan on implementing in our next place". The bold horizontal stripes, the whimsical yet polished look, the mixing of casual and elegant textiles. Plus, I really want a cow hide rug. They're always a staple in the rooms I love. (Andy doesn't agree. But he will soon see the light. Oh, yes. He will.) I'm also really into this wallpaper:


What do we think? Cool, huh. I keep seeing it everywhere... and I dig it.

Hope you all are having a beautiful, relaxing Sunday! I'm off to make dinner and then plant my hiney firmly on the couch for the rest of the night. It's Oscar night, baby!

1 comment:

litte red afro said...

OH!!!!! I heart the living room. That is sooo you. I can see someone losing an eye on the antlers after too much vino though. heheheh

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