Wednesday, November 18, 2009

my week, thus far.

This week has been jam-packed so far. The weekend went by in a blur, going here going there, here there... and then it was over. On Monday I spent the day painting a sweet mural for a sweet friend and her sweet baby. It really turned out cute. And, of course I totally blanked on the taking of pictures, but that doesn't matter because I completely ripped it off anyway. Odeedoh is like the cornucopia of inspiration.... and we thought this was such a cute idea for a little boy's room, especially since it's not cutesy and will grow with him for a long time.
This is what I did:

{images: ohdeedoh}

Tuesday was here before I knew it, and marked the beginning of Jack's musical training. He went to his first piano "lesson". I say, "lesson" because he didn't actually touch the piano once, but was being trained in the ways of sitting silently and not moving during the other kids lessons... for 45 minutes.... after not getting his afternoon nap, because said "lesson" is scheduled smack-dab in the middle of said nap-time.... and the other three mother's kids were behaving like cherubic angels.... and I kept feeling really uncomfortable and pressured.... and well, I think you can imagine how it went. I left in tears. Of course, only after the other mom's approached me to tell me that I 'shouldn't worry at all' and that 'he's obviously just being three' and that their kids 'acted the same way in the beginning and it was impossible to expect anything different'.... and ....well, I just felt like a royal ass-hat by the end of it all. What the hay.

ANYWAY.... That was Tuesday.

Today went much smoother, and for that I am thankful. A now, as I sit here clad in my comfiest of comfy PJs, waiting for the effects of this glass of wine to set in and a much-needed episode of So You Think You Can Dance... I find myself with a first class ticket on the Blissful Express speeding down the tracks to Happy Land.

Goodnight ALL!

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