Friday, October 16, 2009


I think there's a ghost in the house. I mean, strange and unexplainable things are always happening around here. For instance, I'll make the bed in the morning and the next thing I know it's rumpled again. As if tiny little feet had been jumping up a storm on it... I'll swear that I've just finished cleaning up the den only to find, as soon as I turn my back, it is in complete disarray again. Weird. Not to mention the bizarre noises I hear following me around at all times... Moanings and whispers that sound something like "MMMMmaaaaaaammaaaa..... I teeeeeteeeed in the potty! Iwannateeteetreat!!!!!!..." Strange, yes. But true. In fact, just the other night I think I captured it on film as I was trying to take some pics of the candle holders me and Co made. Check it.

Oh weird, that's no ghost. It's just my child. Silly me... I guess I should tell this chick her services are no longer needed. Well, anywho... I really dig these little punkins. I went back and forth on exactly what to do with them, but am glad I went with the candle idea. Cute, no?And here's Jack's "Spider Pumpkin". He drew the "hair"and is very proud of it. He shows it to everybody that comes in the house. (He's such a show-off. I honestly don't know where he gets that from.)
And here are the Martha lantern's I made the other night with the CGA.

I hope you all have an enchanting weekend! I'm off to claim my spot on the couch. (and reclaim the remote control so as to turn off the Bruce Lee movie Andy's watching and turn ON the movie Co lent me: Paris Je' Taime. )

Happy Friday!

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