Monday, May 11, 2009


I want to move to Scotland, and live on a rocky coast, open an inn, brew my own beer and begin a new life. This is what I think about in the wee hours of the night. When Andy and I were lucky enough to travel there, we went to just such a place. We met a man who had moved to a remote area on the Isle of Wight, and lived his dream... opening a small pub, and entertaining anyone who happened by. I can only imaging such freedom. I definitely have a streak of reckless abandon. Part of me would be completely OK with just picking up, moving away and starting all over... Do you ever feel like this? Do you know anyone who's ever actually done it? And succeeded? With the way that the world is now; so utterly connected. Would it really be that big of a stretch to move halfway across the world from everyone you know?

...I have a wanderlust that shall never be quenched...

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Lisa -Tiffany Parish said...

all the time infact my "wonderlust" is to pack my bags and travel for a year or 2 and see as much as i can or if not everything i have ever wanted too. and when im sone come back!!!

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