Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Soapbox: Motherhood

Oh! I feel as though I have fallen off the proverbial blogging wagon! and I just can't seem to find my way back on. Spring makes me too giddy to focus. Too many half-baked projects, yard work rearing its ugly head, and of course... the Spring cleaning and organizing that I cannot bring myself to tackle... all of these things make me just want to hire my own personal assistant (I'm accepting applications) and take a permanent vaca!

A lot of what's been consuming my mind lately is motherhood. Oh, motherhood! I've had many in depth conversations lately with other mom-friends, and we just keep coming back to the same conclusion... Momin' aint easy! And what makes it the hardest is seeing (what we believe to be) perfect mothers who never have a moments doubt or hardship. The Impossibles, as I like to call them. The ones who appear to do it all (and with perfect hair.) Do these women actually exist? Or do I just always seem to run across them on the days when I haven't bathed, look frighteningly bum-like, blindly running from aisle to aisle in Target, realizing that Jack has a slice of banana stuck to his shirt that I'm just now noticing and frantically trying to clean before anyone sees him and thinks I'm unfit... (and these are MOST days for me.) Yes, I definitely think we compare our worst to everyone else's best. That's my problem, at least.

And so, in the spirit of keepin' it reals... I am going to end my obsession with trying to be one of The Impossibles, and just be the mom I am. I love Jack more than cake batter ice cream, and I know I will always do my best for him, I simply can't go on feeling bad about what I'm not. The main thing that always helps me, is when I hear about someone else's struggles. Haha. (Um, does that sound bad? Of course, I don't mean it like that. Just that when you find out that you're not alone, it helps!) For instance, when I heard a woman say that once she didn't bathe her twins for like 3 weeks... Yeah, that gave me a boost.

Here's my confession of the day: I let Jack watch too much TV. This morning I slept on the couch while he watched about 3 or (10) episodes of Wonder Pets. I'm not proud of it, but it's the truth. Go ahead and report me! (actually please don't. I sleep with one eye open, I swear!)



homemade grits said...

my darling friend. you are a wonderful (and might I add beautiful) mother, friend, wife. You are inspirational to all that know and love you. Love the pictures of Jack and his cone. So cute! Remember that date we had planned?

Jennifer Sewell said...

You are the epitome of awesomeness. And Jack is one of the luckiest boys in the world to have a mom like you! Keep up the momin' like you are doin' it! Mom-on Girl!

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