Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my thoughts today.

Today could not be any more beautiful. Just stepping outside I was almost knocked over by the glorious scent of wisteria. Nature is virtually humming with life. Birds. Bees. Ducks getting it on at the park... everything is screaming to LET SPRING IN! It was this time of year, oh-so-long-ago when Andy and I fell in love. And, boy did we have spring fever! I remember feeling so utterly "high" back then that I don't think I ever stopped smiling. ...And, yes, it was most definitely love at first(ish) sight.

When I was younger, going through my first "grown-up" relationships... I was always caught up with measuring time. You know, back when you'd celebrate EVERY anniversary... the one week, the one month, one year.... I would always think how I couldn't imagine the sense of accomplishment that must come with people who stay together their entire lives! Quite a feat. In the beginning of our marriage Andy and I were still this way, very eager to have any anniversary to celebrate. Now, time just passes... and while we do still observe our special days, they get only a considerate nod, not the pause-to-take-in-how-far-we've-come reverie of days gone by.

I was thinking the other day about how time has literally flown since we moved into this house, and of all the things that have changed in our lives... and how in the blink of an eye Jack will be a teenager... and I'll be coming up on 40(eek!) instead of 30. And all the while, Andy is right there with me, going through life, taking one day at a time, making me laugh, being my friend, being a daddy... just living and loving and being. Now I understand how two people can spend a lifetime together... it just happens.
One day at a time.

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