Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love's day.

Many people hate this day of the year. They say it's a made-up holiday created by some kind of malicious greeting card company in order to up their sales. Well, I'm not going to argue about the origins of Valentine's day (although I do find it a little hard to imagine evil, cackling Hallmark CEO's sitting around plotting a conspiracy to dupe the rest of us... but you never know.)

All I can say is that I for one, have always LOVED this day!

I've loved it since I can remember. Since my first construction-paper-doily-heart-shaped valentine. I think it's a beautiful holiday. It's the one day a year dedicated to the most important thing in the world... LOVE!

Love, a thing that should be celebrated EVERY day, is all the more important today. And it doesn't matter if your married, dating, single, reeealllly single or just some strange cat-loving hermit creature living in a hole, someone out there loves you.

So celebrate it!

As for me and my sweet Husby, we'll be making the most of the day. He's got a secret in store for me this evening, and I've been dying to know what it is... Can't wait!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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