Sunday, February 15, 2009

For Andy.

Happy Birthday sweet Husby!!!

Here are 30 reasons why I love you so:

1. You have a sweet smell.

2. You make me laugh til I cry.

3. We have amazing conversations.

4. We have great moments of silence, too.

5. You have luscious lips.

6. You have curly hair.

7. You are one half of my other favorite person, Jack.

8. You are tender.

9. You think deeply.

10. You know that I am stubborn, still like me and you apologize readily. (even when it's my fault.)

11. You work hard to provide for us.

12. You let me hold the remote control.

13. You don't make me watch sports!

14. You have a sweet singing voice.

15. We can read each others thoughts.

16. You love nature.

17. You like my cooking.

18. You are loyal and trustworthy.

19. You can dance. (in a cute Charlie-Brown-does-hip-hop kinda way.)

20. You are a patient and loving Daddy.

21. You wear glasses.

22. I always get excited to see you.

23. You write songs for me.

24. You can do AWESOME high kicks!

25. You are a sore loser at games. (but it's cute in a bratty-4-year-old way.)

26. You plan surprises for me.

27. You're a sick rapper.

28. You make really good grilled cheeses.

29. You make me happy every day.

30. I'm so proud to call you mine.

I love you truly...


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