Monday, January 12, 2009

My Golden Globe commentaries...

Gosh, I LOVE an awards show! Watching the movie stars walk the red carpet, answer awkward questions posed by Ryan Seacrest, get their outfits torn apart by the fashion correspondents... It's heaven on a cracker! Last night was the Golden Globes... and it did not disappoint!

Here were some of my favorite things...

fashion wise: Absolutely LOVED Drew Barrymore's dress! So ethereal and lovely. ...But her hair was WAY too Miss Alabama 1985! yikes.

Maggie G. was my absolute favorite! She is so beautiful and unique to me, and she looked perfect!

Rene Zelweggerereggerrrrr.... is one of those actresses that i always like when she's in a movie... but in true life she seems like a real... well, you know. anyway, i thought i loved this dress at first. then upon closer examination realized that you could totally see her unflattering undergarments through the shear top.. and that hairdo... um, not so much.

Now we come to ol' Angelina. I'll put it like this... Yes, she is absolutely gorgeous. Yes, I am intrigued by her. But more so than all of that... I want someone to smack her out of her sex-stunned haze, and wipe that little simpering smile off her face. I mean, she always has that vapid expression. At one point during the show when the camera kept panning across the audience, she turned to the camera, hair all tousled and bed-ish with that same heavy-lidded, sex-hypnotized look... and Andy exclaimed in a disgusted tone, "EEW! ... she just looks so... so... sexy." It's just too much.

And last but not least, I was SO glad to see Kate Winslet win! She is so beautiful to me, and always seems so classy and genuine, and British! I love her. She's been nominated loads of times in the past... but never won. Last night she went away with best supporting actress and best actress. Gangster.

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homemade grits said...

couldn't agree more on maggie g and angelina. another reason why i love andy! it is ridiculous how hard she tries and if she really is freakin pregnant again...i just don't know!

love you. i'm on vacation...maybe we could do lunch sometime?

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