Thursday, January 15, 2009

The fever

Well, hello there!
Yes, it has indeed been a while. Honestly, I feel like I have been living in a fox hole for the past week. I've had plans to get out and do many things.... none of it came to fruition. Yesterday started out with a wake up call at 5AM. Jack was wide awake and screaming to be released from the confines of his crib. He seemed to be ok, so we fed him, and went on with the day. ... Well... at 4 he woke up from his nap with a scorching fever. Of course, never having had a sick child in over 2 years, I am a little out of pratice on exactly how to handle that situation. And in short, immediately freaked out. He was sweating and clinging on to me, and just looked so pitiful.

Well, I'll save you all the details of my numerous phone calls to my mom, sister and finally, to the doctor, and just let you know, that all turned out fine. The fever finally broke, and started to come down at about 6:30, thanks to a big dose of Tylenol, a cool cloth, and 2 hours of me cuddling him in the bed. Byt the time Andy made it home, I was pitiful too. Totally exausted! The whole rest of the night went by relatively fine, and then Jack went to bed at 9. Not a peep was heard all night, and when I went in to check on him, he hadn't moved an inch from where I had laid him down. This morning, I woke up like a bolt of lightening, looked at the clock in disbelief, and hurtled down the hall to Jack's room. It was almost 9:45 and he was still sleeping! (He never goes past 8 at the latest...) He was still lying in the same exact position... and had obviously not stirred all night. I lost it. Way too many awful thoughts were racing through my mind... I can't even elaborate here,just know... they were unspeakable. I was trying to rouse him, and finally, after about a minute of coaxing, he woke up. looking at me like I was stone-cold crazy. SIGH.... Andof course, then I felt bad for waking him at all....

...anyway, I bundled him, and we made our way down to the TV room to get comfy, and for me to try and see if he'd eat anything. He was completely uninterested in the food, he may have ended up eating a tiny piece of veggie sausage, but he completely downed his whole cup up milk in no time. He was obviously dehydrated... and so I let him. A BIG MISTAKE. As many of you more experienced mom's probably already know... when dealing with a feverish, sick child... DO NOT GIVE THEM DAIRY. ...I left him sitting in the chair, ran up to the kitchen to grab the tylenol, and when I came back, Jack had thrown up curdled milk and sausage bits EVERYWHERE!

...I don't deal well with vomit.

I felt so sorry for him, and for me, and for our leather chair... but I got it cleaned, and since then, he has seemed to feel loads better.

However, I definately look a little worse for the wear.
...But it's all in a days work, I guess.

...So, with Jack now peacefully napping in his room, I am taking this as my opporunity to rant to you good gentlefolk, and also to play with my new iPhone! That's right, me, the most technologically-deficient girl you know. I've been playing with it all day, and I have to say, it puts my old dinosaur of a phone to complete shame. I feel so fancy-schmancy now!

...SO, anyway, I'll thank you to keep us in your prayers... Jack: That he will be over this sickness soon. And me: That I will figure out how to make a call on this thing, and manage to look like I know what I'm doing.

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Mandi said...

Poor you, and poor Jack. Hopefully he gets to feeling better soon!

I see that you're reading The Shack. I read it this year and it greatly challenged my thinking of God (in a good way). I'd love to hear your thoughts when you're finished.

ps - It was fun hanging out with you guys this past weekend! We'll have to get together again sometime.

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