Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hand. Craft. It.


I am so all about this!
An exhibition of some of my favorite new artists will run from NOV. 18 through JAN 20. With the handmade market taking place on Saturday, DEC 13.
SO many wonderful things!!!

One name I saw on the list was Katie Runnels. The artist behind the amazing yarn wreaths I
ripped off a couple months ago. Of course, her's are ten times more amazing! Visit her Etsy shop and see for yourself.

I absolutely love the craft movement that's happening right now!
Inspired people creating homemade works of art! It's spreading like wild fire. I'm ready to get in on the action.
Love it!

1 comment:

Angela said...

I love it too!! People I wouldnt have guessed, making really cool stuff!

You're so creative, you could totally make a business for yourself and distibute some handmade goodness, course this is coming from someone who ultimately quit this exact idea :)

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