Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Playing craft catch-up...

So... I haven't had a chance to really update any of the craftiness that I've done lately. Here's a mishmash of things I've worked on over the last few weeks:

Last Thursday, The Ding Mama showed up at my house brandishing a Hobby Lobby bag and demanding that I craft for her. (She is a self-proclaimed "un-crafty" person... even thought I assured her that she was more than capable to do it herself....) She had purchased all of the necessary ingredients for a yarned wreath
like I made for myself...

So, of course, I was more than happy to oblige her seeing as how she is one of my favorite people...
I wrapped and glued while we all settled in on the couch to watch the VP debates.
Before long, I was finished, and The Ding was sent on her merry way with her very own little piece of lovingly-handmade-fall-craftiness!!!

Loves yous Dings!!!!
It looks great hanging on her front door!
And I'm so glad she likes!!!

Some of the other things I've been doing is taking a little inventory around the house of some of the things I've done in the past that people have shown interest in knowing how to make...
I'm working on getting better at writing about "the craft of the day"... but bear with me peeps.

Most recently, I worked on these old windows:

I have always loved salvaged things, and since my notorious rescue of an abandoned storage bench sitting by the side of the road in my neighborhood (which I brought home and lovingly transformed into Jack's toy chest. The corner had already been gnawed by a dog, so I KNEW it'd be perfect for my son.)... I have become somewhat of a "dumpster-diver."
.... Well,to be honest, I've never rifled through an actual dumpster... I usually just scour the curbsides of my neighbors looking for anything they might be throwing out.
And one day,LO-and-BEHOLD....
I scored BIG!

I saw a pile old window frames, unceremoniously dumped by a trash can! WHAT!? Who would throw these away?! I have been waiting my whole life to find a treasure like this.... crusty, peeling, flaking, rusty, old barn windows...!

So after slamming my breaks in the middle of the street, getting out in the rain in my PJ's at 8 in the morning, and not-so-gracefully huffing and puffing and shoving them into the back of the Matrix... ....well, let's just say, I think my spying neighbors think I'm some kind of crazy trash collector or something.

But, I digress....

After a little demolition work in the yard, a little scraping, and cleaning of spider-webs and other undesirables.... I had two lovely windows just waiting to get all fancied up.

I had saved my last-years calendar because I just loved the bird prints. So I did a little X-acto cutting, a little planning, positioning and spray-mounting....
I had these:

I dig 'em.

(And if you do too, and would like something like this yourself, please contact me.

As for my trash addiction... I still take daily detours down the back alleys of Austell looking for my next project. Trust me, there's NO greater sense of accomplishment than taking an otherwise sad little piece of nothing and turning it into something fabulous! Try it and see.


eitak said...

fabulously fablous!

deathmeister77 said...

I seriously <3 those vintage bird windows. I just love your home! It is full of those wonderfully talented creations of yours. I don't have an ounce of crafty in me but, I would love to butt in on one of those craft nights, if you'll have me. I can't paint or draw, but I can cut and glue, and i'll even bring food!


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