Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Thinking a lot today about expectations. You've got them. I've got em. We put them on others and on ourselves. Is it just me, or do you also find that most of the time we focus on the things that don't live up? And what comes from that?... Disappointment, guilt, anger, judgment, self-loathing, embarrassment.... a lot of icky stuff.

I'm always catching myself trying to live up to others (supposed) expectations. I say 'supposed' because it's really me only assuming I think I know what people are thinking about me. Wanting me to do or be... Which is ridiculous for obvious reasons.

No. I think that expectations just need to go. I know I at least can say that they do nothing for me. I get disappointed when someone doesn't meet mine.... and in turn I'm scared to death to let others down by not meeting theirs. An ugly little cycle.

Imagine not placing any strictures on people or things or actions... Just letting everything unfold in the divine way that God has planned. No judgment. No asserting our own thoughts or plans or will... Free to be!I love that idea! I'll do it for you, if you do it for me.


B said...

beautifully written and i couldn't agree more

drollgirl said...

that sounds like a good thing! everybody (including me!!!) just needs to chill. so many pressures in life really aren't always that helpful.

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