Monday, June 7, 2010

our country fried weekend.

Me, my homie Katie and a select few children trucked it on down to the farm on Friday. We had a fun (yet scorchingly-hot) time exploring, fishing, swinging on the porch, listening to the frogs and visiting my sweet family.

We also spent a little bit of quality time with some furry friends. Mo, Heaven and Manny the goat. They've been BFFs ever since the horses saved Manny from a pack of wild dogs who wanted to eat him for lunch. The horses literally fought them off. ...And now the goat follows them wherever they go.
Now ain't that just the sweetest thang!
I love being able to share all of this with Jack. Seeing him run and play and ride his bike in the same places I did when I was his age is priceless. Such a gift.

Thanks for another beautiful visit, sweet home!

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