Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas, the remix.

Is anybody else tired? I am having a very intense bout of blog-apathy right now. I just ain't feelin' it. I'm hoping that I'll get a surge of inspiration soon. For now, the only thing that is keeping me hanging on is the idea that I am doing this whole blog thing for the purpose of posterity. So with that... Here are a few things you missed.

We made a cute Christmas train with "Titty" (that's Katie, for short.) Good times.
(But please forgive my scary comb-over... it was a long day.)
Thanks, Titty!

...And then came Jack's school Christmas party. He was so dang cute and was LOVING that I was there. At HIS school, on HIS turf. He had a blast. But, um... as for me.... um. Well... I don't want to look back on this and think- "Gah! Why was I such a whiny butt...?!" But I have to keep it real. It was less than fun. A tiny room filled with screaming sugar-induced 3 year old tantrums, anti-social mom's, bossy teachers.

But one look at this face, and I forget.
And last, but most certainly not least... Christmas DID come at the Harrison's! Jack was really into it this year, all about Santa, and saying his prayers to Jesus every night before bed... in the hopes for some loot!
Well, he made out pretty well, I must say! Trains trains trains.... candy, candy, candy.....
It will go down in our memories as a super sweet time. Andy was home from work all week, and there was some significant male-bonding going on... I know it had a profound effect on Jack. (and Andy.) (and Me.) Sweet times.

So here's hoping you all had just a fine a time as we! And a very Happy New Year to you!!! I'm off now... I have a date with my own Santa surprise... our new KINGSIZE baby!
Yeah, I'm uppity now. I'm big time.

G'night, my darlings.

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katie k said...

love your pretty room, and jealous of the king size!!!!

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