Monday, November 2, 2009

playing catch-up.

Yeah, it's November 2 and I'm just now posting these. Whatever. I make no bones about the fact that I'm a procrastinator. It's just what I do. Nevertheless, Jack's made-at-the-next-to-last-minute robot costume turned out pretty BOSS if I do say so myself!
Can I get a domo arigato. Whoot!

The night turned out to be a bit dreary and drizzley, but fun nonetheless. We spent the evening with family; talking, laughing, stuffing our faces with pizza, cookies and candy, squeezing cute babies... It was sweet Lexie's first Halloween, and she was absolutely delicious in her little pumpkin outfit. Too sweet!
Seeing Jack hold her and kiss her and smell her almost sent me over the edge.
...I got the fever, y'all. And the only prescription... is
more cow bell.
...I mean babies!

Anywho... hope you all had a great one! We're taking a much-deserved mini break this weekend, and hope to come back, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Who knows, I may even return with a story or two to tell... But I can't make any promises. Like the saying goes,
"what happens in Ellijay, stays in Ellijay."

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Beyond Blessed in GA said...

Love the costume, you did an awesome job! And you look beautiful!

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