Sunday, August 2, 2009

The weekend recap: Mossapalooza!

Twas another lovely weekend, this. Friday evening was spent with some of my favorite buds, sipping wine, laughing, planning, and just enjoying the peaceful relaxation that comes with sleeping babies. Saturday was even better... I got to sleep in (bonus), Andy took Jack out for the day and I was able to clean the house (yes, I enjoy cleaning) unfettered by grasping child, I received this in the mail: ...and promptly squealed with delight! (It was this print that I had been waiting on!) ... The next thing accomplished was a bath (double bonus!!!) and then I met up with some awesome ladies for a little girls-night-craft-therapy. My fiery and fabulous friend Coco graciously hosted the evening, and it was a great night. We made moss terrariums. Look-see:

I love them! Wanna make your own???

1. Start with any glass container you fancy. (jam jars are super cute, too!)
2. Put a handful or two of pebbles in the bottom.
3. Sprinkle a light dusting of activated charcoal.
4. Put a small wad of Sphagnum Moss on top of all that. (I don't know why.)
5. Sprinkle on some top soil.
6. FINALLY, place your moss on top of the soil, pushing it down and getting rid of air pockets. (You can gather your moss by simply scooping it right off the ground. Co got hers from an obliging bank parking lot.)
7. Mist it once, after completion, and then only once a month.

The general consensus among the other ladies was that they preferred using several small clumps and arranging them so as to create "hills and valleys"... As you can tell from my pics, however,I like to keep it clean and flat. I'm anal.

Doesn't that sheep look like it's walking through a sweet little pasture? Love it.

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drollgirl said...

what a super weekend!!! i love the print that you got -- ADORABLE!!! and your craft project looks fab too! i like how the glass is sweating -- it makes it more atmospheric. :)

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