Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i like lists

Things I like:
staying up late.
being the hostess.
eating salty things.
smelling a charcoal grill.
dewy grass.
cloudy skies.
old books.
white-washed boards.
drinking wine.
kissing closed eyelids.
mossy things.
back scratches.
long drives on back roads.
swimming at night.
handwritten letters.
jack's sweaty boy smell.
cleaning things with Q-tips.
cleaning out the lint trap.
ghost stories.
slow nature walks.
soundless laughter.
british accents.
good manners.
curly headed boys.
water crashing against rocks.
slightly (but only slightly) messy houses.
tiny toadstools.
making lists.

Things I don't like:
nervous laughter.
other people's humiliation.
the color maroon.
putting away laundry.
waking up early.
raw tomatoes.
slow drivers.
too much hair gel.
awkward silences.
praying mantis.
roller coasters.
negativity. (which is why I'm cutting this list short.)


drollgirl said...

excellent lists!!! we have MUCH in common!!!

and i totally relate to your handbag comment! it is very hard to find the right one at the right price! ijust got an incredible deal on a handbag, but it is not quite right. TOO ORANGE. i will be sending it back. this kind of stuff happens to me a LOT. picky picky!

maven mama said...


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